Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Breezy in Action

Check out this link to see one of our classrooms in action! We love seeing these kids learn!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Reviewer : Cinjoella

We've got another great book review from Cinjoella. Remember to check out her site for the full review!

A little cave boy wants a pet. But there are many reasons why he shouldn't get a pet. They might be too big, too "sneezy", or too messy. But still the cave boy wants a pet. Then, of course the would-be pets prove helpful, and then they find their way in the the cave-family.

What to do after reading this book:
Make a list of all the prehistoric pets that would be fun to have.
Draw (cave man style if you can) various pets you like.
Talk like a cave man.
Run around the park as if you were part of a "stampede!"

What kids can learn from this:
It is good to be resourceful.
No doesn't always mean no (oh, maybe they shouldn't learn this... ;)
Family (and pets) are important to each other.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gotta Question?

Gotta question about Easy Breezy and how it works? Read all about it! 

Q - What is special or unique about the Easy Breezy Preschool curriculum compared to other preschool programs?
A - Simply put, it works! Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum is the best academic-based preschool curriculum on the market today. Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum is carefully sequenced to introduce students in the most effective and efficient manner how to read before they start kindergarten. Both you and your parents will be absolutely amazed by how much your students will learn using the Easy Breezy Preschool curriculum.

Q - How do you know that the Easy Breezy Preschool curriculum really works?
The Easy Breezy Preschool curriculum was developed over a 10 year period and tested by 50+ teachers just like you. Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum was proven in hundreds of classrooms and used by thousands of students before ever being offered to the public.

Q - Do I need to be a certified teacher to use this curriculum?
A - No!  You do not need to be a certified teacher to use the Easy Breezy Curriculum. Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum comes with detailed, step-by-step lesson plans as well as a comprehensive teacher guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to run a succesful classroom and get your preschoolers school ready both socially and academically.

Q - Can I use this curriculum to start up a preschool?
A - Yes. Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum is designed to help you start and build a high-quality, academically-based preschool business.  Easy Breezy Preschool's professional curriculum saves you an immense amount of time and energy preparing, teaching, and "truly" educating your students. If you really care about the quality of education that your students are recieving and the reputation of your new preschool business, then Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum will be the single best investment you can make for your business. As a new business owner, you have a million other things to worry about in addition to being a wife, a mother and a homemaker. Worrying about what you are going to teach every day shouldn't be one of them!

Q - Can I implement this curriculum into my current preschool or daycare setting?
A - Yes. That is one of the most exciting things about our curriculum.  It will save you time, money, and energy! Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum is designed in such a way to be easily integrated into both an in-home preschool setting or a professional preschool/day care setting. Lesson plans accomodate both three year old and four year old students. Easy Breezy Preschool's lesson plans are also flexible enough to fit a 2 day a week, 3 day a week, 4 day a week or 5 day a week preschool schedule.

Q - Can I use this curriculum year after year?
A - Yes!  Just make sure you are using the three-year-old curriculum for the three-going-on-four-year-old students, and the four-year-old curriculum for the four-going-on-five-year-old students.

Q - How many students does this curriculum cover?
A - Easy Breezy Preschool's curriculum is licensed for one preschool or daycare classroom. It is not limited to how many students you have in that classroom.  If you have more than one classroom you will want to purchase additional packages for each classroom so that each classroom will have its own set of sing-n-read big books,music CDs, wall charts, science cards etc. Please call 1(877)787-2762 for a customized quote.

Q - How long does each lesson take?
A - Our four-year-old curriculum is intended for a classroom time of two and a half hours.  Our three-year-old curriculum is intended for two hours and fifteen minutes a day.  You are welcome to stretch the lesson plans if your class times run longer, but if you’re just beginning a preschool we recommend that you start with these times in mind.

Q - Do you offer a teacher helpline if I have questions about the curriculum?
A - Yes. Limited telephone support is available between the hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MDT. Please call 1(877)787-2762 for assistance. Additional training/coaching packages are also available.

Q - Do you offer a supply list so we know what we need to get outside of the Easy Breezy packages?
A - Yes, you will be getting supply lists with your kits.  You will need to purchase basic supplies like crayons, glue, scissors, markers, colored pencils, etc.  Most of the art supplies may easily be found at your local grocery store.

Q - Do you have a payment plan?
A- Yes. PayPal offers 6 months financing on purchases over $99 through Bill Me Later®. When you check out you will be given an option to apply for financing through PayPal. Please call 1(877)787-2762 if you have questions.

Q - What if I decide I don’t want to keep the Easy Breezy Preschool curriculum after I receive it?
A - No problem! Simply ship the package back to us and we will refund your money.  Please note any opened electronic items such as music CDs cannot be returned. Also, a minimum of a 10% restocking fee will be charged depending on the condition of the returned items.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Love Pinterest!

We've been going bananas on Pinterest lately! Check out our boards and follow us for all kinds of great ideas on decorating your classroom, snacks, our favorite children's books, and more!! :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Reviewer : Cinjoella

We here at Easy Breezy always keep a keen eye out for great books that our students will love. Our friend Joella is a librarian and full of great information on the best books out there. She often reviews children's books and has been gracious enough to let us share some of her reviews/ideas here on our blog! Her reviews include great ideas on "what to do after reading this book," and let us know "what children can learn from this."Check out her site!  (

Here's some of her latest review: 

"Sometimes kids throw tantrums. Sometimes they are BIG tantrums. This is a story about a little girl who throws a tantrum ALL. DAY. LONG. And she knows it. But she doesn't know what to do about it. But she also knows what it is like when she doesn't throw a tantrum. And sometimes that is the most important thing to know."

What to do after reading this book:
Write down (or draw) all the things that made the little girl upset.
Make a list of what to do when you get upset. Perhaps practice "getting upset" and then trying to tell a grown up why you are upset and try to do something to make you feel better.
Practice using loud and soft voices.
Play an "obey" game. Take turns being the one to tell the other what to do.

What this can do:
Help children understand that sometimes everyone can have a bad day.
Teaches readers what types of behaviors are good or helpful when having a bad day.
Helps readers know that even though they may throw tantrums, their grown ups will always love them. 

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TEACH PRESCHOOL : Created for Teachers by Teachers

So here it is!

Drumroll . . . 

Our Easy Breezy Preschool all inclusive curriculum! Check out everything you get for your classroom -

* 10 Months of Daily Pre-K Lesson Plans & Preschool Activities with Easy-to-Use, Step-by-Step Instructions.

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 * Classroom Decor - Make Your Classroom a Fun & Stimulating Environment.

 * Unique Preschool Handwriting Paper - "Start at the Blue Sky... Through the Red Picket Fence... Down to the Green Grass" 


What a fun, easy, and exciting way to get your classroom in order for this fall!